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Hydrogen holds huge energy potential and is not only found in water. It is a component of many organic and inorganic compounds in industrial wastewater, slurry, plastics or gases.

Graforce offers plasma electrolysis systems (so-called Plasmalyzers®) that produce CO2-free hydrogen and other synthetic industrial gases from various feedstocks in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

In the treatment of wastewater by the plasma process, a high-frequency plasma field is generated from solar or wind energy and interacted with the press water. This splits the contained carbon and nitrogen compounds (such as urea, amino acids, nitrates and ammonium) into individual C, N, H and O atoms. The elements then recombine in the plasma field, producing primarily hydrogen, nitrogen and bio-methane. These gases can be separated by membranes and can then be used for various applications.

Wastewater Plasmalyzer®

Green hydrogen from industrial process/wastewater with power consumption of 20kWh/kg H₂.

Methane Plasmalyzer®

Turquoise/green hydrogen and carbon from natural gas/biomethane with a power consumption of 10kWh/kg H2.

Synthesis and Decomposition

Modular systems for the production of synthetic methane, syngas or hydrogen.

Gas Separation & Compression

Modular systems for the separation, compression and refueling of gases.

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