Methane Plasmalyzer®

hexagon header methan plasmalyzerHydrogen from natural gas or biogas decarbonizes the energy industry because the methane (CH4) is not burned.

In the Plasmalyzer®, a high-frequency voltage field is generated from solar or wind energy and methane is split into its molecular components hydrogen (H2) and carbon (C). 4 kg of methane and 10 kWh of electricity produces 1 kg of hydrogen and 3 kg of elemental carbon.

The hydrogen can be used directly in hydrogen CHP units, boilers or SOFC fuel cells for CO2-free heat and power generation. The solid carbon can be used as an industrial auxiliary material, for asphalt, concrete, cement or soil improvement, for example. This enables long-term removal of CO2 from the cycle and is thus exempt from the CO2 tax.

When biomethane is used, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere through methane plasmalysis. Graforce thus offers the first marketable alternative to the controversial CCS storage of CO2 (Carbon Capture Storage)..

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Heat and power generation with zero or even negative emissions

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